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Account Types

2 Account Types. Same Great Service!

At Magni Markets, we offer two different account types, each with specific benefits. The size of your initial deposit determines which tier your account belongs to, as well as which benefits are available to you. You can shift your account to the next level by increasing your deposit amount. For more information on our account structure please contact a member of our support.

Feel free to choose any account type you like!



Trade Multiple Instruments
Anywhere, Anytime.

Trade From Any Device, Anywhere

Free Access to Forex Market Research

Free Access to Daily Forex Webinars

Unlimited Access to Video Tutorials

Daily Access to Forex Trading Signals

Islamic Trading Accounts

With Magni Markets, traders with an Islamic faith can also trade. Islamic account is also known as a Swap-free account. Traders can apply for a raw pricing trading account. In such account no interest fee is credited or debited.

Islamic Account Features

100% Shariah compliant

Pay no interest on your positions held overnight

Available at one click

Simply check "Swap Free" box when you open your account

Available for all account types

Trade without swaps on any account that suits you best